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Humanitarian Bazaar produces projects focused on how peope survive war and disaster.
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Girls listen to Afghan music at Elman Peace women's center. Photo by Daniel J Gerstle.



AUGUST 9, 2016  |  HERE’S THE MOST LATEST UPDATE ==> THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED SO FAR! We are excited we have succeeded on some cases! But we still have some urgent needs if anyone can help us fundraise, donate, or find other solutions. Below is a comprehensive round up of the cases we have taken on whom we know personally and have confirmed the threats against them. We keep their identities private, but if you help them substantially, just talk to us and we can introduce you appropriately to build trust. Thanks to Rory Peck Trust, Red Moon Rising, Minding Development, Muslim-Jewish Conference, Cultures of Resistance, and many others! If you can help out, contact us at

REFUGEE PEACE ACTIVIST FAMILY (5) ==> Almost full success; one step left which requires raising a final $3000! Last year with helping from Red Moon Rising, we raised about $900 and then matched that our of HB’s pocket with about $2500. Now we are looking for a final $3000 for the flights which will reunite the children with their parents for the first time in over two years; and because the host country gave them only a one-month window for reunification, we need to solve this in the next three weeks. Not only the parents were targeted by the bad guys in a shooting and attempted bombing, but also the kids were attacked, and this is confirmed, so that is one of several reasons HB has focused on this case longer term. The other huge reason we focus on this case is because the work they have done helped many other people through their peace advocacy, activism, and youth mentorship. With Humanitarian Bazaar’s help with letters to governments, legal case work, as well as donation of living expenses with the help of Red Moon Rising & Minding Development, the family succeeded so far, but are facing another emergency. Due to concerns by the family of being targeted, we have had to remove some of the sensitive information here, so please write us you are considering helping and we can explain more directly in private. [HB007/8/9/10/11]


REFUGEE ADVISORY CORE COSTS ==> $300 raised so far toward current goal of $2000. The toughest part of all this is that Humanitarian Bazaar itself, which already went over budget on our huge Somali project, was forced to go over budget on core costs as well to cover some urgent refugee advisory costs, below, which were not covered by donations. That helped our families win some victories! But it means we are also seeking some support to recover.


SYRIAN FILMMAKER (2) ==> SUCCESS! With our help of letter and advice from Humanitarian Bazaar, an emerging visual artist/ filmmaker who was attacked and further threatened was able to get an emergency grant from the Rory Peck Trust and a few others which help with his and his wife’s escape. After that, the couple succeeded on their own to somehow make it to apply for asylum in the EU where they have won the first stage of the process. While in the application process, they are offered government housing in a rural area but are not permitted to work. For us, the urgent issue is to help them recover their personal and professional belongings which were left behind in Turkey and will require a shipping fee (200-300 euro?). They aren’t able to communicate or do their art and professional skill building at all until this is solved. A donor supported this case and it is now being solved! Thank you! [HB017/18]


SYRIAN ARTIST (1) ==> SUCCESS!  Update: This artist now made it finally to a third country in the West! Thanks to FG, VH, IS, CM, and NA, the artist solved a complicated journey from Syria through Lebanon to safety in Turkey! [HB021]


SOMALI RADIO PRODUCER (2) ==> SUCCESS! With Humanitarian Bazaar’s advice and a Rory Peck Trust grant, a Somali radio producer and their relative who had two violent threats at their home which resulted in a fatality were able to evacuate to a safe house in a different town with living expenses. [HB019/20]


SOMALI JOURNALIST (1) ==> SUCCESS!  Thanks to Humanitarian Bazaar advice and a Rory Peck Trust grant, a Somali writer/producer who was threatened during a violent period, was able to evacuate to a safe house. [HB016]


SOMALI MUSICIANS (4) ==> SUCCESS!  With Humanitarian Bazaar’s help with the initial application and letters, all four musicians secured asylum in the EU! [HB012/13/14/15]


AFGHAN MUSICIANS (4) ==> SUCCESS! Update: They all confirmed their refugee asylum finally in Europe. With Humanitarian Bazaar’s help with initial travel support, visa letters, and advice, one of the musicians secured asylum in the EU, but the other three are still waiting for their applications to be processed. [HB003/4/5/6]


REFUGEE MUSICIANS (2) ==> SUCCESS! Humanitarian Bazaar provided letters to help with long term visas in North America allowing them to continue their work and music. Prior to their journey West, they had been arrested for performing live alternative music in their home country. [HB001/2]


PLEASE PROTECT THEIR PRIVACY AND NOT SHARE THEIR NAME OR IDENTITY. THANK YOU. As many of you know, we are already pretty packed with work completing our Live from Mogadishu feature film and premiere, Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace program, Frontline Records Label, and many other projects on deck for Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Syria, and Bosnia. Well, the refugee emergency came about not as a question of wanting more work to do, but as a sitution of, we know these people, we work with them, we care about them, and we have to help out however we can. Now that we have gone over budget doing what we can, we now have to ask you, the supporters and fans of Humanitarian Bazaar’s work around the world. As you can see, this is so urgent, you can either donate directly or, once we interview you to make sure you are not a security threat or stability threat, we can even introduce you to the people you are helping so you can see they are real flesh and blood and heart and see how your support is helping them. But for now, you can just choose one of these cases, then choose an option of support, write to us and let us know which number and any other conditions, at


BENEFACTOR / DONATE DIRECTLY   |  After a security check to make sure you are a good match, you can communicate directly with us and with the family and donate directly if you prefer and follow the family’s progress as a benefactor and advisor, the best way to build trust and see your assistance directly help.


LOAN DIRECTLY  |  Even if you are stretched, this is another way to support. Humanitarian Bazaar can repay the loan over time.


CASH FOR WORK  |  Another option is, if you need talent and skills the family adults offer, they may offer to provide some services remotely ranging from computer and web work to art or music, then you could donate based on that.


DONATE ITEMS  |  Some of the families have children who need learning goods. Some of the musicians, artists, and filmmakers need tools to continue their craft.


DONATE CASH  |  Any level of donation will contribute toward the goal and you can donate either directly to the family, or through Humanitarian Bazaar, or support Humanitarian Bazaar’s refugee advisory fund for multiple family case work.

Everyone who participates in this urgent appeal will automatically qualify for special thanks credit in our coming film, Live from Mogadishu, a free download of the soundtrack, and be one of the first to see the film rough cut online screener as a thank