Humanitarian Bazaar | Consulting & Training
Humanitarian Bazaar produces projects focused on how peope survive war and disaster.
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Are you or your organization seeking consulting services, or rapid courses in humanitarian response, media production, or cultural outreach for your work in tough places? Since our inception, Humanitarian Bazaar has always aimed not only to produce stories and projects but also to provide “how to” training, advice, and simulations on humanitarian response, Sphere minimum standards in disaster assistance, creative media production, security and safety, and other specialties. What’s your next mission?



While our core team runs Humanitarian Bazaar (humanitarian response, human rights advocacy, media production in war and disaster, frontline music, careers), we also offer expertise of a wide family of trainers and advisors ranging from Jake Simkin (media production on war and peace) to Amelia Hanibelsz (media production on human rights and development) to many, many, actually hundreds more of our extensive network which also includes experts in peacebuilding, justice for war crimes, famine prevention, and other specialties needed by organizations and pioneers working for the public good in the world’s toughest places.




Consultancy based on time needed to achieve project goals, or for people on the move who just need hints we also offer a One Day Crash Course, or three part skype course  |  We are premiering our feature film, Live from Mogadishu, about Somali hiphop group Waayaha Cusub’s movement to rally youth to help end the war, this summer. We are also premiering Journeys on the Edge, a new video web series about how people survive war and disaster. We have also produced promotional video for organizations ranging from to While filmmaking is a refined art, we have worked to overcome barriers ranging from war, crime, banditry, remote isolation, and more. But, on the other hand, for balance, we have also produced music videos and promotional visuals for musicians and artists. Curriculum summary: 1. Storytelling, 2. Writing story proposal for funding, 3. Pre-production (building team and resources), 4. Production in tough places (producing video while adapting to security, access, safety, and travel issues), 5. Post-production (editing with sensitivity to security, privacy), 6. Outreach and marketing, 7. Distribution (reaching the right audence).




Consultancy based on time needed to achieve project goals, or for people on the move who just need hints we also offer a One Day Crash Course, or three part skype course  |  Our core team includes specialists in humanitarian response, human rights research, media, and security in war, disaster, and transitional environments. We can show you the basics of how to prepare for work in hostile environments, whether to go, and how to integrate for your mission. Curriculum summary: 1. Setting realistic goals (tradeoffs between gains and risks), 2. Safety (travel safety, first aid, first aid kit), 3. Security: Community acceptance and access (allies, friends, and reducing concern from local community), 4. Security: Protection (communication, contingency, locks, walls, evacuation plans, response plans), 5. Security: Deterrence (when is it practical to work closely with local authorities, versus having your own guards, versus neither).




Consultancy based on time needed to achieve project goals, or for people on the move who just need hints we also offer a One Day Crash Course, or three part skype course  |  Based on our work with the Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace, the Mogadishu Music Festival, and the Dadaab Journey of Peace, as well as lessons from the Sound Central Festival in Afghanistan, we will introduce you to the most vital turning points between peacebuilding that achieves just a little to peacebuilding and conflict mitigation which reaches those involved in violence. Our capstone example was a “Leave the Violence Behind” rap concert we did with captured and defected Alshabaab fighters in a prisoner of war camp in Mogadishu, Somalia, last year. Curriculum summary: 1. Addressing the appropriate audience (most counter extremism and counter violence programs address youth who are already peaceful, but isn’t it more important to reach those who are troubled and already involved in violence?), 2. Building solidarity among the “already peaceful” (bring the peaceful youth, secondary audience, into your efforts to reach the troubled youth, which is your primary audience, music and arts projects, job skills), 3. How to reach the tough youth who are involved in conventional trouble: crime, street trouble, homelessness, orphaned (peer to peer outreach), 4. How to reach youth actively involved in fighting (trade violence for job skills), 5. Remembering who is the primary audience for youth outreach.




One Day Crash Course, or three part skype course  |  Curriculum summary: 1. Setting realistic goals (tradeoffs between personal and global needs), 2. Setting your minimums (what restricts where and how you work in regards to security, distance, timing, and financing), 3. Choosing your top specialty skill (graduate school, providing a solid science skill like medicine, engineering, public health, nutrition, rural technology, water systems, versus what you are limited to if you only study more general skills), 4. Adding universal skills (project development, media pr, fundraising), 5. The long plan (advantages of long commitment versus diverse commitments versus running your own project).




One Day Crash Course, or three part skype course  |  1. Humanitarian Response Coordination, 2. Ethics in disaster response, 3. What we mean by minimum standards, 4. Sectors: Water & Sanitation, Medical Assistance, Food Aid, Nutrition, Shelter & Non-Food Items, 5. Cross-cutting issues: Gender, Education, Security.




Daniel J Gerstle  |  Founder & executive director of Humanitarian Bazaar, has served as a filmmaker, humanitarian aid worker, human rights researcher, and war journalist in Africa, West Asia, the Middle East, Caucasus, and the Balkans. More recently, he created Humanitarian Bazaar, formerly known as HELO Media, to produce projects focused on how people survive war and disaster. With Humanitarian Bazaar, he produced the Mogadishu Music Festival (Somalia 2013), Journey of Peace Kenya music festival in Dadaab refugee camp (Kenya 2013), and co-produced the first Afghan rock fest, Sound Central Festival (Afghanistan, 2011). Live from Mogadishu, his first feature length film as director, premieres in summer 2014. Find him at  |


Many more Speakers and Trainers available from our wide network, depending on which theme, region, or language.