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Humanitarian Bazaar produces projects focused on how peope survive war and disaster.
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We produce creative media and projects about how people survive war, disaster, and the pursuit of peace. We’re available for media production, consulting for humanitarian response and film, festival and concert events, and trainings. Check out our portfolio here. Find below more about what we offer and where we’re based.   |  FACEBOOK PAGE   |   FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP  |  TWITTER  |


VIDEO, WEB, PHOTO, LITERARY  |  We can provide compatible organizations and artists contracted support by our media director, producer, cinematography, still photography, field producer, logistics, security & safety, website development, 

and more. Our specialty is video, photo, and literary documentary of how people survive crisis, including crisis journalism and humanitarian advocacy. But lately we’ve been doing more metal, rock, and hiphop music video and rockumentary.


CONSULTING FOR HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE & FILM  |  We include specialists who have run consulting ranging from UN & aid agency famine prevention projects during crisis, to human rights investigation in war, to developing promotional media and project proposals for all kinds of organizations. Our latest offer, considering how our work reaches a wide network of experts in the field, is to serve as a fixer for organizations, media teams, and others seeking to pursue work in a mass trauma or crisis situation for the first time, or for the first time in a new region. We also are starting to offer location scouting for film companies looking for sets to depict a war or crisis setting but in an environment they can control.


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK  |  Humanitarian Bazaar, Global HQ, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA. If you need to contact us by phone, our director is currently in Sarajevo at +387 (60) 334-7572.


SARAJEVO, BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA  |  Humanitarian Bazaar Media Center Residency, Cafe Bolero, v. Vreto, Kovaci b.b., Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, +387 (60) 334-7572,


NAIROBI  |  MOGADISHU  |  KABUL  |  We have close partners and active projects in these other locations and can work there quickly, but also available globally for the right project.