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Humanitarian Bazaar produces projects focused on how peope survive war and disaster.
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We have already produced events including the Mogadishu Music Festival (Somalia 2013), Journey of Peace Festival (Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya 2013), Sound Central Festival (co-producer, Afghanistan 2011), the Afghan Rock Bunker Concert (New York 2011), the Columbia University Humanitarian Simulations (New York 2005 / 2010), to the Humanitarian Bazaar Video Production Workshops (Bosnia, Austria, Netherlands 2013-4). If you would like to book us to produce or take part in your event, let us know at Here’s our calendar and event history: 



TBA  |  WORLD PREMIERE EVENTS FOR OUR FILM, LIVE FROM MOGADISHU, MOGADISHU, SOMALIA & NAIROBI, KENYASecurity Note: With ongoing war and threats to our team in the region, we will premiere the film entirely through surprise events produced with local partners. More importantly, we are proud to world premiere this film with at-risk youth in the refugee camps, slums, and streets of Mogadishu, rather than saving it for an upscale gala! Press who want to see the world’s first stealth film premiere from the inside, or interview us about it, contact us at Featuring the story of Somali hiphop group Waayaha Cusub and their international alliance, the film tells the story of how musicians risked their life to run the Mogadishu Music Festival to try to persuade youth in Somalia to turn away from extremism and help end the war. Dates and locations to be announced soon! Details and most up-to-date schedule at our film website, Live from Mogadishu.




SEPTEMBER 28, 2014  |  WORKSHOP ON PRODUCING DOCUMENTARY IN TOUGH SITUATIONS, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. 11am-530pm, Sunday Sep 28, 2014 | RSVP for address to | 30 euro donation, or equivalent trade | Humanitarian Bazaar & Minding Development present a crash course on making media in war, disaster, and complex ethical situations.


SEPTEMBER 28, 2014  |  FILM PREVIEW SCREENING / Q&A: LIVE FROM MOGADISHU, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. 730pm-930pm, Sunday Sep 28, 2014 | RSVP for address (same as above) to | 10 euro donation | We’ll give you a rare look inside our film, LIVE FROM MOGADISHU and ask for your feedback to shape the final version of the film. The workshop and film screening are separate, so come to one, the other, or both. Film director Daniel J Gerstle will be on hand to answer questions. We may also have guests who starred in the film.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2014  |  MASTERPEACE CONCERT FOR INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. Humanitarian Bazaar will be supporting our partners Somali hiphop-against-violence group Waayaha Cusub at this historic concert. Here’s how MasterPeace describes it: MasterPeace is organizing a mesmerizing heart-warming peace concert on Sunday 21 September 2014 where artists from major conflict areas in the world will perform together at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Together, they will demonstrate that sustainable solutions can only come by stopping armed conflicts. Together, they will put aside their differences, and give voice to what connects us: Music above fighting.


AUGUST 16, 2014  |  WORKSHOP ON PRODUCING DOCUMENTARY IN TOUGH SITUATIONS, VIENNA. AUSTRIA. 11am – 6pm, Sat August 16th, 2014  |  Cost: 30 euro or more donation to our film and counter-violence project in Somalia, or equivalent volunteer time. Humanitarian Bazaar & Minding Development presebt a crash course on making documentary films. We’ll give you a rare look inside our film, Live from Mogadishu.  


AUGUST 3, 2014  |  WORKSHOP ON BUILDING CAREERS IN CRISIS RESPONSE, SARAJEVO, BOSNIA. 11am – 5pm, Sunday August 3rd, 2014  |  Cost: $20/30km cash or online, or trade volunteer time  |  PLEASE RSVP at  |  Crash Course on Humanitarian Aid, Human Rights, and Peacebuilding, including “Triage and Consequences”: A Crisis Response Training Simulation. 


JULY 25, 2014  |  AFRO-ASIA CONCERT FOR PEACE, NAIROBI, KENYA. AFRO-ASIA, Originally kicked off after Peace Advocate Musicians JAHM and AFRO SIMBA met during their performances at the Mogadishu Music Festival, which was part of the Somali Sunrise Concert Tour For Peace, in March of 2013. JAHM (Philippine Reggae-World Music Artist) and AFRO SIMBA (Kenyan Ska-Mijikenda Fusion Band) will be collaborating once again! And this time there will be special guest performers that will be revealed on the event itself.  We will be screening the trailer of the film documentary about the Mogadishu Music Festival. “LIVE FROM MOGADISHU” by Humanitarian Bazaar.


APRIL 30, 2014  |  LIVE FROM MOGADISHU FILM PROMOTIONAL EVENT, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, OXFORD, UK. Humanitarian Bazaar/Frontline Records, in association with the Oxford Africa Society, invites you to join them for ‘Live from Mogadishu’, a discussion and screenings about how musicians wield live heavy music to persuade youth away from extremism and violence and help people cope with trauma in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.


APRIL 24, 2014  |  LIVE FROM MOGADISHU FILM PROMOTIONAL EVENT, SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL & AFRICAN STUDIES, LONDON, UK. 730-900pm  |  Humanitarian Bazaar/Frontline Records, in association with the SOAS Music Society, invites you to join them for ‘Live from Mogadishu’, a discussion and screenings about how musicians wield live heavy music to persuade youth away from extremism and violence and help people cope with trauma in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.


MARCH 20, 2014  |  LIVE FROM MOGADISHU FILM PROMOTIONAL EVENT, THE MOSAIC ROOMS, LONDON, UK. 730-900pm  |  We’re running full speed toward the launch of our pr campaign to promote our coming feature documentary film, Live From Mogadishu, as well as Humanitarian Bazaar‘s overlapping Frontline Records project aimed at support tough music in tough places across the Middle East, West Asia, and Africa. First event in the series is in London this Thursday March 20th, heading toward the film’s world premiere in May 2014.


DECEMBER 27-31 2013  |  JOURNEY OF PEACE FESTIVAL “MUSIC-AGAINST-EXTREMISM,” DADAAB REFUGEE CAMPS, KENYA. Over a week’s time, Somali hiphop-against-violence group Waayaha Cusub, co-produced by Humanitarian Bazaar, performed concerts, speaking events, youth outreach, and a radio show aimed at sharing music and an open microphone to help persuade youth to rebuild Somalia and Kenya and turn away from violence and extremism. Find out more at and


SEPT 28-OCT 4, 2013  |  HUMANITARIAN BAZAAR VIDEO PRODUCTION WORKSHOP, SARAJEVO, BOSNIA. We gathered a small group in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, to hone skills on video production, including a practicum filming in nearby Mostar and Pocitelj.


AUGUST 2013 – JULY 2014  |  HUMANITARIAN BAZAAR NIGHTS ACOUSTIC JAMS, BASCARSIJA, SARAJEVO, BOSNIA. Every week or two, sometimes twice in a week, we hold acoustic jam parties at Cafe Bolero in Bascarsija, the old town of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. If you would like to headline a small show or join us, let us know at


APRIL 3, 2013  |  RAP AGAINST WAR CONCERT, SERENDI, MOGADISHU, SOMALIA. Featuring Waayaha Cusub and Afro Simba Band performing in a prisoner of war camp in war time Mogadishu, Somalia, April 2013. We produced what was probably our scariest and most successful project, a rap concert, performing with lyrics in Somali about turning away from violence, with captured and defecting Al Qaeda and Shabab extremist fighters and child soldiers in Mogadishu during the war. Find out more at


MARCH 27-APRIL 4, 2013  |  MOGADISHU MUSIC FESTIVAL, MOGADISHU, SOMALIA. Featuring Waayaha Cusub, Afro Simba Band, and international guests, Mogadishu, Somalia, March-April 2013. We produced the most ambitious music festival in recent history, bringing Somali and international performers to war torn Mogadishu to persuade youth to turn away from extremism and violence. The six concerts brought in 2,000 audience during high security conditions. The shows starred Waayaha Cusub (Somali hiphop featuring Falis Abdi, Digriyow Abdi, Lihle Muhdin, Burhan Ahmed Yare, and Shiine Akhyaar), Kombo Chokwe & Afro Simba Band (Kenya), Alsarah (Sudan/USA), Ariana Delawari & Band (USA/Afghanistan), DZA the Dissenter (Sudan), Jahm-Eye (Philippines Mindanao), and more. The festival, the world’s second “stealth” music festival after Sound Central (below), is depicted in our coming feature-length documentary film, Live from Mogadishu. Find out more at


AUGUST 2012-DECEMBER 2013  |  SOMALI SUNRISE CONCERT TOUR FOR PEACE. Featuring Waayaha Cusub, K’naan, and international guests, United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, August 2012 – December 2013. Find out more at


DECEMBER 9-15, 2012  |  KWANI LITFEST, NAIROBI & EASTLEIGH, KENYA. We facilitated Somali hiphop group Waayaha Cusub to perform four shows as part of the Kwani Litfest in Nairobi, Kenya.


AUGUST 28, 2012  |  DRUMS NOT GUNS featuring K’NAAN, WAAYAHA CUSUB, & UPPANOTCH, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA. As part of Waayaha Cusub’s Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace, we rallied with host Toni Blackman, at 285 Kent, Brooklyn. Waayaha Cusub featured Shiine Akhyaar, Hodan Abdirahman, Dalmar Yare, Barkhadle Arte, and Abbas Hirad.


AUGUST 24, 2012  |  SOMALI SUNRISE TOUR PREMIERE @ KENNEDY CENTER featuring WAAYAHA CUSUB, WASHINGTON, DC, USA. The John F. Kennedy Center hosted our tour as the first Somali performing act, at the Millenium Stage, to a packed house. Waayaha Cusub featured Shiine Akhyaar, Hodan Abdirahman, Dalmar Yare, Barkhadle Arte, and Abbas Hirad.


OCTOBER 20, 2011  |  GLOBAL CLOSING NIGHT OF SOUND CENTRAL FESTIVAL FOR AFGHANISTAN, BROOKLYN, NY, USA. Featuring performances by Religious to Damn, Opal Onyx, and Puta de Cava, we rallied in Brooklyn to celebrate solidarity with Afghanistan’s new generation of rock and alternative musicians who had just completed the historic Sound Central Festival in Kabul.


SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 6, 2011  |  SOUND CENTRAL FESTIVAL IN AFGHANISTAN, KABUL, AFGHANISTAN. Featuring District Unknown, White City, and Afghan and international guests, September-October 2011. Combat Comms, led by Travis Beard, worked with Afghanistan’s first four post-Taliban rock bands Morcha, Kabul Dreams, District Unknown, and White Page, as well as expat band White City, and created the country’s first rock, alternative, and Central Asian music festival. It was also the world’s first “stealth” music festival. Humanitarian Bazaar, then known as HELO Magazine, produced the global opening and closing night events in New York, then came to Kabul to help bands District Unknown and White Page begin promoting their work globally. Find out more at


SEPTEMBER 21, 2011  |  AFGHAN ROCK BUNKER CONCERT, BROOKLYN, NY, USA. Featuring Acrassicauda, Gato Loco Coconino, Yula Beeri, and more, September 2011. We helped launch the Sound Central Festival (above) with a global opening night in Brooklyn, New York, in which we created a war bunker out of The Hive NYC, a warehouse studio, and had performances from Gato Loco Coconino and Yula & The Extended Family, and speeches on music freedom from Acrassicauda, The Casualty Process, and Sahar Muradi. Find out more at